Consistency is the key

There is no substitute for the beauty of Natural Stone. It remains timeless, colourful, unique, textured & diverse beyond compare. Globel* is a multi-faceted company aiming to give your home or development the complete finish. Since 2000, Globel* has been a leader in the import and sourcing of natural stone tiles and slabs with exclusive distribution rights on selected imported stone products. Globel* Interiors assists in giving your home or development the complete finish by providing you with a wide selection of finishes. These include Sanitary ware, Fireplaces, Braais, Chandeliers, Indoor & Outdoor furniture. When utilising natural stone, styles can range between classic, modern, vintage, minimalistic… Globel* is constantly looking for new surfaces & new technological innovations. We strive to provide products & services that are in line with local and international design & architectural trends that are utilized to create the most current, creative and timeless features. We specialize in hospitality, high-end commercial & residential projects. Globel's customers include architects, developers, interior designers, private homeowners & kitchen companies.

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