Established in December 2002 at Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, Thach That District, hanio, vietnam. VICOSTONE is a pioneer in manufacturing quartz based engineered stones in Asia. With a global distribution network. VICOSTONE quartz Surfaces are now available in all continents and recommended by interior designers and architects.

With five production lines of compound stones utilising technology transferred from Breton S.p.A (Italy), and using the most advanced techniques with latest technology. VICOSTONE can provide multi million square metres per year and is one of the leading engineered stone manufactures in the world.

VICOSTONE quartz based engineered stone are produced from up to 93% pure natural quartz aggregates which are adhered with polymer resin with colour powder, and have a hardness and flexural strength which is much higher than natural stone and other engineered stones. With a special and luxurious beauty, VICOSTONE compound stones are widely used in interior applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling and flooring...

VICOSTONE is certified by NSF for food safety (ANSI051) and certified by GreenGuard to be free of volatile organic compounds. VICOSTONE is proved to be Microbial Resistant by reputable organisations. This confirms that our products are environmentally friendly, prevent mold growth and are anti-bacterial.

VICOSTONE's compound stones reflect the most harmonious combination between the modern technology and nature. Our products are highly compact, durable and totally resistant to corrosive chemical agents. VICOSTONE surfaces are highly resistant to scratches, helping to maintain long-term beauty and minimise maintenance costs.

VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces offer a 15 year warranty on material installed in residential applications and commercial applications.

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